Myths of commercial carpet cleaning

Myths of commercial carpet cleaning

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Myths of commercial carpet cleaning

Whether you run a retail store or work in an office building, your space probably has some rugs. Contract rugs offer several benefits to your office or retail space, but only if it’s kept clean. A dirty carpet casts a negative light on your business and is, therefore, a source of frustration for your clients and customers. They probably won’t return if your space feels filthy and unhealthy. However, three significant myths about commercial carpets may be holding you back from keeping your business as clean as possible. Just rent a machine and clean it yourself.

You can rent steam machines to clean commercial carpets, but they can cause more damage to your carpets. This is because the engine tends to dump a lot of water onto the mat and does not remove it very well. If you don’t remove all moisture from your carpet, it can grow mould and pose a severe health risk.

I just bought this rug a year ago, and it never needs cleaning.

Just because the carpet still looks new doesn’t mean it’s clean. By the time commercial carpet shows signs of staining, the damage is already done. Due to constant activity on the carpet, dirt, dust and other contaminants become trapped in the carpet and break down the fibres before any signs of damage are visible.

A sprinkling of deodorant is enough for my commercial carpets.

This may seem like a simple odour fix, but it can cause serious and irreversible damage to your carpet. Most deodorants use talcum powder as a water-insoluble base. . White stains are more likely to occur when using steam cleaners, as the talcum powder residue collects between the carpet fibres.

Hire a professional for commercial carpet cleaning

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