Green Space Maintenance

Green Space Maintenance

Green Space Maintenance
Green Space Maintenance

Green Space Maintenance

Quality Control Cleaning Services generally includes aspects of fertilization, weed control, and pest and disease control. Lawns need to be mowed constantly and the shape of houseplants and fences adjusted continuously. Also, over time, your yard may undergo changes necessary to give it an overall comfortable and healthy appearance.
Our garden and green space maintenance specialists handle all of the listed services and many other issues.


Green Space Maintenance

  • Planting and lawn care
  • Regular watering and fertilizing
  • Seasonal bleeding
  • Land preparation – including adding farmland
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases and pests
  • Bridging the Gap – Healing by Seeding
  • Selective herbicide
  • Weeding by hand
  • Mechanical and manual lawn mowing
  • Cuts – near alleys, buildings, and vegetation
  • Gardening arrangements
  • Maintain trees, shrubs, hedges, and vegetation
  • Cutting down trees and bushes, pruning hedges
  • Excavation of plants and plant groups
  • Controlling Creeper Group Growth
  • Remove dead trees
  • Planting annuals and perennials
  • Loosen the soil around the plant

Quality Control Cleaning Services provides a variety of cleaning management services for businesses.

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